• Heartland Festival

    In this life, how do we make sense of something that can be equally ephemeral and eternal? Of something that has no telluric origin nor a final state but yet is so tangible in its presence around us. With us. In us. Developed by us, for us, to protect us, preserve us, improve us and repeat this in yet further corners of life. A repetition of itself that is so inherent in its molecular existence, daily use and infinite transmutation which has made it become simultaneously ubiquitous and invisible. Use, throw away, repeat.

    It is close to impossible to find a subject that comes with more cultural connotations and negative associations than plastic. The malleability of the matter has become inseparable from the malleability of its meanings. In-between being both a celebrated miracle and the means to an end this realm of imitation has risen through a limitless production apparatus and an equally insatiable convenience.

    For this project we have created eight light scultures for the 400 metre long entres alley, for the Danish music/culture festival Heartland. The light sculptures are sculpted by hand and are made from recycled plastic pellets.
    Thanks to the generous people at RC Plast and Sirius!