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45 x 30 x 25 cm (approx.)


You’ve made us free to be the greatest here tonight. We work hard, play hard, pay dues and bills. Just like you. We transform with pressure, hands-on we cash in our bodyweight in a precious metal. Grinding, free handing, no bs.

With forever gratitude and eternal humility we have attempted a perpetuation of legacy, like CR7 in Madeira Airport - a bust to praise and respect the greatest of all time – to praise some of them, who have made what we do, possible.

Thx to the Greatest Of All Time.

This series include one-of-a-kind portraits of some historic people who invented, discovered, designed or thought things, that are absolutely essential to what we do, including:
H.C. Ørsted: Discoverer of aluminium
Hedy Lamarr: Inventor of the precursor for wifi and bluetooth
D. F. Morgan: Inventor of the first work glove
William Murdoch: Inventor of the metal tube
Art Emmons: Inventor of the handheld sanding machine
Bruno Latour: Philosopher of the contemporary
Gilles Vidal: Designer of the Citroën Berlingo
Milly Zantow: Inventor of the first plastic recycling system
Melitta Benz: Inventor of the coffee filter
Barbara Askins: Inventor of the first method of photo enhancement
George G. Raymond: Inventor of the pallet and the precursor for the pallet lifter
Tabitha Babbitt: Inventor of the circular saw

Absolute legends.


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Care Instructions

Always handle with care.

Clean with damp cloth.

Don't clean with sharp objects.

Don't put in the dish washer.

Don't put in the oven.


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